10 great reasons to choose opbx®

It’s all in cloud

Stay connected even on the go or after moving from one branch to another, because the switchboard is not installed locally. No need for new devices: you just need a VOIP phone or one of the many software and apps available on the market to connect to our server with your personal username and password.

Cut costs dramatically

Since it is all in cloud, you don’t have to pay for purchasing, maintaining and updating hardware, as occurs with a normal on-premises PBX. Furthermore, you can keep the operator and the pre-existing telephone lines and choose the precise number of extensions to activate, then modifying it according to emerging needs.

You can set it up remotely

There are many options at your disposal for configuring your switchboard remotely: you can create a new user, change the hold music, modify the criteria to route calls, for example by establishing the order in which, if a certain number calls, the call is routed to the various users or departments involved.

Make a call pressing a key

Starting calls and videocalls is easy and immediate: just one click is enough to contact the entries in your address book. You can also schedule appointments; add notes on your entries; then easily share the company address book with all your staff and the address books of the various departments.

Videocalls and group calling

Organize videoconferences and group conversations by inviting clients, suppliers and peers: even those without opbx can participate. Encourage collaboration inside and outside your company, from a fixed location or on the go. You can switch between calling and video conferencing without hanging up or dialing another number.

Voicemail and ring groups

Plan and configure customized voicemail messages (as for company holidays) to answer phone calls and send email messages to users. Schedule and send single or mass SMS. Create ring groups indicating the lists of users to whom the flow of queued calls is to be routed in succession.

Record and store calls

Record ongoing calls and listen to them later. Download or delete the related audios. Get up-to-date reports showing all missed, incoming and outgoing calls. Check user status in real time: if they are available, if they are engaged in another conversation, if they are in "do not disturb" mode...

Statistics on your business

Once operative, the VOIP switchboard provides updated stats on the call lists, their duration, the waiting times, the identity of incoming and outgoing callers. Useful information to evaluate the service efficiency and quality and intervene in case of issues, bottlenecks and bad performances.

Updated to the latest release

Each opbx user has immediate access to all the platform services, without having to buy additional modules. The software is always automatically updated to the latest available version. Furthermore, through our APIs, it can be integrated with business management systems and third-party software.

Security and customer care

According to GDPR rules, which we strictly apply, opbx saves all personal data in an encrypted way and makes it accessible only from each user's personal account. For all security issues and for any technical problem, you can always rely on our helpdesk, managed by specialized experts.